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Biography, Bio, About, CV

I was born on January 8, 1962 in Zurich, Switzerland.

After school, I completed a business degree and spent my first years working with banks and credit card institutions.

In 1986, I made my hobby – sports – into a profession and worked for many years at the largest weight training provider in Switzerland as a commercial employee, computer specialist, trainer, employee trainer, and as the right hand man of the founder and company owner.

During this time, I took part in numerous national and international mountain bike races.

In 1996, during an extended stay in the USA, my passion for photography became my central purpose in life.

Perhaps unconventional – but still purposeful and effective – I acquired the necessary know-how for professional photography work at the University of Texas, at the New York Institute of Photography, and then at the Media Training Center (MAZ) in Lucerne. Also, for six months, I worked as a cameraman for video and TV productions.

From 2000 to 2002, I worked as a photo reporter with "Sonntags-Blick", Switzerland’s largest Sunday newspaper. In this job, I was able to acquire tremendous know-how and experience as a press photographer. Today, there are more than two thousand of my photos in the RDB Ringier archive (

Since 2003, I have worked as a freelance photographer for various publications, companies, organisations and artists and, in parallel, I carry out my personal photographic work.

I have a dedicated attitude towards my work. It isn’t a profession, but a life task that I live out with above-average ambition and determination.

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